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Swedish Ferroamp Elektronik AB, founded in 2010, is a fast-growing company within cleantech that offers advanced energy and power optimization solutions for homes, real estate and industry. The brain of the system – the EnergyHub – collects data from other components to optimize the energy flow between solar PV, energy storage and the utility grid, using advanced algorithms.

Ferroamp offers the next generation of
solar PV technology and intelligent energy balancing

Ferroamp has a scalable platform that offers the opportunity to combine patented technology in an in-house developed EnergyHub with alternative energy sources and energy storage. In a unique solution, several buildings can also be linked together in a microgrid – Powershare.

A number of products together provide a complete system for power equalization, energy storage, electric vehicle charging and optimization of solar PV production.
The EnergyHub System
Offers a new approach to maximizing investment in solar energy
ACE – Adaptive Current Equalization
Our patented ACE technology enables more efficient three-phase supply
Mobile and web interface for remote control and monitoring
Future proof way of integrating solar energy, storage and charging
The EnergyHub
The brain of the system, one converter for PV, energy storage and EV charging
Solar string optimizers
Optimizes the energy harvest from PV as irradiation varies
Smart energy storage with Energy storage optimizer
Provides a new flexible way to integrate batteries into the energy system.
Fireman Switch
A remote controlled safety switch that breaks the voltage

The company
and the success story

Ferroamp was founded in 2010 by Björn Jernström, based on the now patented innovation that improves the use of a three-phase supply, ACE – Adaptive Current Equalization. The implementation of the ACE technology required an intelligent bidirectional three-phase inverter developed within the company. In recent years, the concept has been developed into a modular system based on a local DC nanogrid that enables flexible integration of solar PV, energy storage, small-scale wind power and charging of electric vehicles. Ferroamp currently has around 30 employees with development offices and production in Spånga, north of Stockholm. Ferroamp’s management team together have over 100 years of experience in the electronics, software and photovoltaic industries.

Ferroamp is supported by Almi Invest, InnoEnergy, Sustainable Energy Angels and the Swedish Energy Agency.


Electricity. Reinvented.

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163 53 Spånga | Stockholm

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