For DC installation

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Accessories are required to install the EnergyHub-system and its components together with the DC grid.

Distribution box
For EnergyHub systems with up to 15 SSOs

Ferroamp’s distribution box offers a simple, cost-efficient installation solution for the EnergyHub system and its Solar String Optimiser (SSO). Installation close to SSOs allows the use of the 760 volt DC grid’s fewer, thinner and longer cables, thereby reducing both installation time and materials costs. The box has individual fuses for each SSO and a circuit breaker for the DC nano-grid. For safety reasons, we recommend that cables are fed from beneath when installed outdoors.

Current transformers
Measure input AC

To be able to use the ACE function and analysis tools, current transformers must be installed and connected to the EnergyHub. It is important that open-circuit current sensors are completely sealed around the cable, otherwise there is a risk that readings will be incorrect and you will not be able to calibrate the EnergyHub. Current sensors must be installed in EnergyHub systems with batteries.

Fireman’s switch
For EnergyHub system 7 up to 152 kW

The EnergyHub system with Solar String Optimiser (SSO) provides a new, cost-efficient way to fully disconnect all solar panel strings in the event of a fire risk. The system utilises the existing safety of the relays in Ferroamp’s Solar String Optimiser to disconnect as close to the solar panel strings as possible. No additional expensive DC switches are required. The product consists of a remote-controlled fireman’s switch that interrupts DC bus voltage and “keep-alive” messages from EnergyHub that are sent to the Solar String Optimiser. This will force their internal safety relays to trip within ten seconds.