THE ENERGYHUB SYSTEM FOR Commercial properties

How we develop energy solutions 2.0

Ferroamp has plenty to offer in the development of properties, neighbourhoods and districts. The EnergyHub system connects solar electricity, energy storage and electric vehicle charging in a local DC grid, where everything can be metered and controlled. This enables the property can be effectively optimised and phase-balanced in order to distribute and minimise energy consumption. This is something that will only become more important in the future, as more and more aspects of society will be powered by electricity in the future. Thanks to the world-patented PowerShare, we can build DC grids in energy communities, made up of several buildings and with minimal energy losses.

More clean electricity and with no power losses at all

In the not too distant future, property owners will need to provide more and cleaner energy in response to the increased electrification of society. When electricity prices skyrock due to increased demand and limited capacity in the grid, the property industry becomes part of the transaction economy. Property owners who produce and store their own electricity via DC grids will soon be able to both buy and sell electricity to charge tenants’ electric vehicles, charge and rent car pool vehicles, offer fast-charging (DC) at transhipment nodes for freight transport in the city, so-called last mile transports.

Transferring energy in time between phases and properties

Battery storage is a way of cutting and managing power consumption by saving cheap, clean electricity that is used when the need is greatest, instead of buying potentially less sustainable energy from the grid. Battery storage can also resolve the situation when the property owner, despite purchasing power, does not have access to the necessary power from the grid. Solar cells combined with battery storage quickly create an improved energy cost, and with the opportunity to work with frequency control (balance between production and consumption), the depreciation period for a solar/battery installation can be as little as seven years, compared with the 20-25 years otherwise quoted.

Decisions based on metering and real-time data

The EnergyHub system also provides great value as a measurement and information system. Every property owner can easily connect an EnergyHub and obtain real-time data concerning consumption and phase load. This can then be followed up with measures that balance one or more properties with each other, and between solar energy, battery and grid connection. In future, it will be possible to use a vehicle as a reserve battery on wheels, and Ferroamp is running a project at the forefront of technology in this area (V2X).

Services offering support in project planning and operation

PowerShare, microgrids and DC solutions are the most efficient solutions for energy and power management in the property sector. We will help you along the way. Ferroamp has well over 2,000 completed projects and installations that can serve as examples, and we will be delighted to share various case studies to provide guidance. We assist with feasibility studies and project planning, draw wiring diagrams and adapt installations together with electrical consultants and contractors. We offer operation and analysis of the EnergyHub system in property portfolios, and are happy to train the operations technicians, installers and fitters who install, calibrate and control their installations.

Don’t dig up the road, install a battery in the basement instead

Time is money, and even if it is possible to expand a property service, the overall finances can often be improved if you avoid having to dig up roads, wait for allocated capacity and lay more copper in the ground. Many property owners see benefits in expanding the property’s capacity instead, by installing a battery storage solution to support peaks in consumption.

Commercial property owners often have access to more space than they might realise.