To measure is to know

Knowledge makes all the difference

Ferroamp’s unique Energy Cloud portal makes it possible to monitor the system’s operation and performance. We collect measurement data from all processes and parts of the system, providing you with complete access and overview. The portal can be adapted according to your needs, whether you want summaries or detailed information.

Money to save. Environment to protect.

Ferroamp’s EnergyCloud portal allows you to monitor and remotely control production, consumption and storage. The system’s operation and performance are displayed in real time. It also provides a number of analysis functions and simulation tools, and can be adapted to your specific needs, depending on whether you want summaries or detailed information. During normal operation, the overview may be sufficient, but when changes in user patterns or new technological developments mean you want to change the system, historical data can provide you with base data to make data-driven decisions regarding, for example, new investments or operational settings.

Measuring, knowing and then being able to take action creates opportunities. The portal gives you the opportunity to see where improvements can be made and how profitability is affected so that you can always be one step ahead, instead of reacting to something that has already happened.

One major change in our properties is the new need for electric vehicle charging. The EnergyHub system and EnergyCloud give you all the tools you need to get it right at every stage. By measuring, knowing and controlling, you can control how this development can be optimised.

The EnergyHub system is connected to help you monitor and control, but it also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the new offers and commercial opportunities that the energy transition brings. We are seeing new actors who are already developing cloud-based services to optimise weather forecasts, the energy price trend and the grid’s new congestion charges. The grid needs help, and grid owners will have both the opportunity and directives to allow those property customers who wish it to be involved and support the grid with their investments. EnergyCloud is an absolute enabler in this respect. This means that your entire system is connected, but also that your EnergyHub system can be adapted and linked together with actors you trust. All the data that has already been collected will be a goldmine of knowledge, enabling the value and the consequences of these offers to be calculated.

EnergyCloud is built on a robust platform where all data is securely stored under lock and key. All data traffic between hardware and EnergyCloud is highly encrypted for maximum security.

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