News Ferroamp wins Intersolar Award 2020


Ferroamp’s new generation of solar string optimizers has been named the winner of the Intersolar Award, the most prestigious award in the global solar energy industry.

Björn Jernström, CTO Ferroamp:

“The fact that our new generation of solar string optimizers, SSO, has been named the winner of the Intersolar Award is fantastic fun and a testament to the level of innovation in the products we develop. We have a strong team working on the development to produce an outstanding product. focus on the new applications in electric car charging and off-grid solutions where our SSO can be used. Something that further increases the market for our products.”

Ferroamp’s solar string optimizer, SSO, is the product used to connect solarpanels to the EnergyHub system. The new generation SSO that Ferroamp has now begun to deliver in volume to customers has market-leading performance in the form of efficiency, flexibility and safety. It is also prepared for use in other applications outside Ferroamp’s EnergyHub system.

The Intersolar Award is presented in connection with the global industrial fair Intersolar in Munich every year and highlights new products and innovations that contribute to increased profitability and the benefits of solar energy.

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