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The cost efficient fire fighter breaker systemFireman switch

For Ferroamp’s EnergyHub system 7 – 200 kW
The EnergyHub system with its Solar String Optimizers brings a new cost effective way to completely disconnect all PV strings in case of a fire hazard. The system utilizes the existing safety relays in the Ferroamp Solar String Optimizers to disconnect as close to the PV strings as possible. No additional expensive DC-breakers are required.

The system comprises a single remotely operated fireman switch that interrupts DC bus voltage and also interrupts keep-alive messages from the EnergyHub sent to the Solar String Optimizers that will force their internal safety relays to trip within 10 seconds.


Simultaneous disconnection of all strings
Circuit breaking close to the PV string
Redundant switches
Comprises a single remotely operated switch that interrupts DC bus voltage within 10 seconds
Cost effective solution
Utilizes the existing safety relays in the Solar String Optimizers to disconnect, no additional DC-breakers are required

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