THE ENERGYHUB SYSTEM FOR industrial premises

Take control of your energy supply 

In an industrial property, there is often a well-proportioned grid connection, and the load variations are directly connected to the operations that take place in the premises. But when the business expands and there is a need to extend and augment, more power is also needed. With the increasing electrification of society, the need for electricity and power is on the increase in many places at the same time. Power is in short supply, and in more and more cases the grid connection cannot meet the increased demand. 

Invest in solar cells and energy storage

Investing in solar cells is one way of taking control of the energy supply yourself, and it is also really efficient to install battery storage in order to be able to handle power peaks around the clock. An investment in solar and battery storage to manage energy supply is often in competition with other investments in industrial business’ operations. More and more people who are calculating an investment are seeing that the payback time for a solar/battery system is becoming shorter, and with possible frequency control and electricity trading, the depreciation period can fall from 25 to just 7 years, or in some cases even less.

Take control over the grid connection

Taking control over the grid connection and connecting electricity production to consumption, without major conversion losses, is also attractive to entrepreneurs who want to expand their fleet to include electric vehicles. Regardless of whether AC or DC charging is chosen for the company’s vehicles, Ferroamp’s system can balance both load and phase, dynamically and in real time.
As all elements of Ferroamp’s system are scalable, there are good conditions for anyone wanting to expand and connect several properties in a so-called microgrid (DC Microgrid). In this way, less-favoured properties can receive help from other properties that have better conditions for solar electricity production.

Do you really need to upgrade the main fuse?

Traditionally, an increase in energy consumption will require a main fuse with a higher rating. But replacing service cables or upgrading them is usually an expensive exercise. Ferroamp’s EnergyHub system offers an alternative in the form of Phase Balancing. EnergyHub transfers energy between phase transmission lines to increase the space between the capacity of the main fuse and loads in the building. This extra capacity can either be used to reduce the size of your main fuse or to increase the electrical load, for example, by installing more efficient and faster chargers for electric vehicles.

Efficient, economical and socially beneficial

When solar energy and battery storage have to work together, the installations are often more complex. Ferroamp’s system makes energy management more efficient and, thanks to DC technology, results in lower conversion losses. The system is also one of the few that provide the facility for simple future expansion. With in-house control of solar energy and battery storage, the industry is helping to relieve the increasingly strained electricity grid. At the same time, there is money to be saved on in-house local production of electricity, and money to be made from selling surpluses.
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For those with an agricultural property

The most favourable solar cell installations are almost always found among farmers with their large, excellent roofs. There are simply no better conditions. Agricultural operations often require a lot of electricity, which makes it particularly attractive for owners of agricultural properties to invest in solar cells and energy storage, so that they can prepare for increased loads, such as electrified agricultural machinery. We also know that many of these properties are located where the grid is at its weakest. In combination with phase balancing, control systems and the facility for metering, a solar cell installation can be very profitable.