EnergyHubEnergyHub Wall

Scalable modular two way converter, 7 & 14 kW


The brain of the EnergyHub System is the intelligent hub that communicates with all components


The EnergyHub Wall brings a new future proof way of integrating PV, storage, small scale wind and DC loads. With one single inverter, new DC devices can be added when required. The bidirectional inverter acts as a bridge between the utility AC grid and a local DC nanogrid within the building where solar cells, batteries and loads are connected. EnergyHub gathers relevant information and optimizes the energy flow between solar panels, energy storage, the utility grid and consumers in the best economic way – using advanced algorithms.


  • One converter for solar, storage and EV charging
  • Bridge between the AC and DC grid
  • ACE technology for phase power equalization
  • High-resolution measurements for system control
  • Internet connected monitoring and analysis
  • Future-proof and scalable

Electricity. Reinvented.

Domnarvsgatan 16
163 53 Spånga | Stockholm

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