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Energy StorageEnergy storage with PylonTech

28 kWh / 12 kW
28 kWh / 24 kW


Founded in 2009, PylonTech is pioneering the ESS (energy storage systems) and EV (electric vehicles) market, both in China and abroad. With self-developed core technology in the cathode material, the battery cell and BMS (battery management system), Pylontech is among the few companies that vertically integrated the entire lithium battery industry chain. From 2010, Pylontech’s solutions are widely supplied to private and commercial connected storage systems, as a starter battery in vehicles and as an emergency power for iCloud to name a few applications.

The Pylontech Energy Storage with storage capacity of 28 kWh and power rating up between 12-24 kW connects directly to your EnergyHub system DC nanogrid. The versatile storage can be configured to reduce peak power in your building, enable faster Electric Vehicle charging and store your solar energy. The system is ready for back-up and off-grid operation with a suitable EnergyHub inverter.




  • Compatible with the EnergyHub system
  • Ready for back-up and off-grid operation
  • Safe and long-life LiFePO4 technology
  • High power capacity
  • Integrated DC/DC converter

Electricity. Reinvented.

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