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EnergyHubEnergyHub XL

Flexible two way converter, 17-28kW. Scalable up to 168kW in one system.


The EnergyHub XL brings a new future proof way of integrating PV, storage and DC loads. With one single inverter, new DC devices can be added when required. The bidirectional inverter acts as a bridge between the utility AC grid and a local DC nanogrid within the building where solar panels, batteries and loads are connected. Multiple EnergyHub XL modules can be connected in a 19” rack up to 168 kW per cabinet.

EnergyHub gathers relevant information and optimizes the energy flow between solar panels, energy storage, electricity grids and consumers in the best economic way – using advanced algorithms. Power control and phase balancing towards the electricity grid and power balancing within the property.


  • One converter for solar, storage and Electric Vehicle charging
  • Bridge between the AC and DC networks
  • ACE technology for phase power equalization
  • High-resolution measurements for system control
  • Internet connected monitoring and analysis
  • Future-proof and scalable

Electricity. Reinvented.

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