Privacy policy

We want you, as a visitor to Ferroamp’s website and pages on social media, to feel safe with our processing of your personal data. In this policy, we describe how we, as a data controller (as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation), process your personal data that you provide to us via the website or on our social media pages. At the end there is also information about your rights regarding your personal data and how you can assert them.

If you have any questions regarding our processing of your personal data or this policy, you can contact us at any time by e-mail to You can also fill out our contact form, or send a letter to:

Ferroamp AB (publ),
Domnvarvsgatan 16, 163 53 Spånga.



From you. The information we collect from you is typically the information you provide us in connection with your communication with us via the website.

From other sources. When you access our website, device information is collected from your computer (or mobile device) using cookies and similar technologies such as pixel tags. You can read more about our use of cookies in section 7.



We collect and process various types of personal data about you when you contact us. We primarily use your personal data to communicate with you and market ourselves to you. The data we process are:

  • Contact details. In other words, your name, email address, phone number and city. Business-related information, if you are a business customer. Specifically, information about the company you work for, including company name, your title, workplace and, if applicable, information about your right to represent the company.
  • Social security number, if you have a sole proprietorship. Then we collect your social security number, as it is the same as your organization number.
  • Communication data. By that we mean the information that you include in your e-mail messages to us or that you otherwise provide to us through communication on our website or our social media pages. For example, we process the information you provide us in the forms on our website or on our social media pages.
  • Information regarding solar cells and energy storage. In short, the information you provide us regarding your solar cells, for example solar cell support and energy storage.
  • Activity and device information. In order to offer the most customized website possible for your device, we collect IP address, language, browser, operating system and screen resolution. Furthermore, we collect information about activity on the website such as which external pages a visitor comes from, which search terms are used, time spent on a page and which subpages are visited most frequently.
    Although we will not normally be able to identify you through this information, sometimes individuals can be distinguished from this type of technical information.
  • Sensitive personal data. We only collect if you provide us with such information, and only to the extent that it is necessary and justified for us to use such information. For example, we process your food preferences and/or allergies, if you provide us with such information before an event we organize.



  • Communication. Your personal data is used to communicate with you. The processing that is done is in our legitimate interest as it is necessary to process the information in order to effectively communicate with you, for example to answer questions you have asked us.
  • Marketing. With your consent, your contact information will be used to send you newsletters, information about our products and services or event invitations. We support this treatment based on your consent.
    You have an unconditional right to prohibit direct marketing, as well as withdraw your consent for cookies placed on your device. If you do not wish to receive marketing from us, please use the instructions we have given you in the email you received from us, or contact us directly.
  • Send the information you have requested. This concerns if you have entered your e-mail address to, for example, subscribe to newsletters from us, receive a publication from us or the like. We do this based on your consent.
  • Event. If you attend one of our events, we process the personal data we need about you in order to plan, administer and carry out that event, based on a balance of interests. If you provide us with health information prior to the event such as allergies, we will process that information based on your consent.
  • If you have a sole proprietorship, identification. If you have a sole proprietorship, we process social security numbers as part of the information we process about your company and to be able to identify you as a representative of such company. This is necessary for secure identification and for our legitimate interest in being able to identify our customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Develop our website. We collect information about activity and visits to the website in order to develop the website. This treatment is based on the consent you have given for the placement of cookies and similar technologies.
  • Regulatory compliance. As we are obliged to comply with Swedish law, your personal data will be processed to the extent required by law or other legal obligations, e.g. for accounting or reporting to authorities.
  • Protection by Ferroamp Elektronik AB, you and others. We may process your personal data if necessary to defend or assert our, your or others’ legal rights, business interests or other legitimate interests. It can e.g. needed if you or someone else makes a claim against us. It is necessary to protect you and others and for other legitimate interests, such as our interest in being able to defend against or assert legal claims.
  • Company transfer. In the event that, for strategic or business reasons, we decide in the future to sell or transfer all or parts of the company, your personal data may be shared or transferred to parties involved in the transaction. This treatment is based on our legitimate interest in being able to develop our business.



Yes, with certain trusted people and actors, we share your personal data if necessary. These are:

  • People who work with us or for us. Your personal data will be shared with people who work at or for us, but this only applies to those people who need access to it in order to perform their duties.
  • Service providers. Your personal data will be shared with selected companies that help us deliver our services and products. We use providers that provide cloud services for storage, support, emailing and analysis tools. We may also share your personal data with catering and/or event staff if necessary to administer the food served at an event and attendee list.
    Authorities and in legal contexts. Your personal data may sometimes need to be shared with authorities, courts and other parties. This applies if we are required to comply with the law, in connection with a legal process or to respond to a request from regulatory authorities or other authorities.
  • Company transfer. In the event that we decide in the future to sell or transfer all or parts of the company, your personal data may need to be shared with or transferred to parties involved in that process.
  • Other parties. Your personal data may also be shared with other parties, if you ask us or allow us to do so.



Your personal data may sometimes need to be transferred to companies outside the EU/EEA, for example if we use a service provider based or server outside the EU/EEA. You should be aware that other rules may apply to your personal data outside the EU/EEA which may sometimes mean less protection. However, we always choose our service providers with care and take the necessary measures required to ensure that your personal data is always offered an adequate level of protection in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These measures are, for example, that we include the EU Commission’s standard contract clauses or that the recipient is located in a country that the EU Commission has deemed to have an adequate level of protection. Feel free to contact us if you want to know if your personal data is transferred outside the EU/EEA and, if so, which protective measures we apply during the transfer.



We will save your personal data as long as it is justified for the purpose of the processing. The data is then deleted or de-identified (“anonymized”). How long we save your personal data depends on the type of task and purpose. The same data can sometimes be saved for different purposes, for example, data can be saved because the law requires it, even though it has been deleted and anonymized for other purposes. Personal data that is processed with your consent as a legal basis is deleted if you withdraw your consent or when your data is anonymized. Note that this does not affect our right to process the data before the revocation. Your data may also be saved for a longer period of time if required by law, for example laws on taxation and accounting. In that case, your data will only be used to fulfill these obligations.



We use cookies and similar technologies (pixel tags) on our website to ensure that the website functions correctly and save certain specified preferences. We also use cookies to analyze your navigation on the website so that we can get a better picture of how we can improve the website. However, this is done anonymously and we cannot link you specifically to the activities on the website.

For statistics on e.g. number of visitors and how visitors navigate the website, we use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. All information that we receive through these cookies is aggregated and anonymous and is used to analyze and improve the website’s performance and to develop the products and services we offer. For more information about Google Analytics and personal data protection.

We also use “Facebook Pixels” on your computer or mobile device for re-advertising. This means that pixel tags are used so that we can market ourselves on Facebook based on how users visited the website and to create targeted marketing campaigns to a certain category of Facebook users.

You can control and manage the use of cookies in your browser settings (however, it is not certain that you can do this in browsers on mobile devices).

In addition, certain information, so-called log files, to be transferred. This is a file that contains the log of the computer/mobile device, i.e. a chronological list of events and actions in the computer/mobile device. When you visit our website, this visit is stored in your log files on the server. However, this information is anonymous and cannot be traced back to you as a person.


The website contains links to other websites and social media platforms. The company cares about the personal integrity of those who visit the website and the following social media platforms:



  • Get information about and access to your data. You can at any time request information about how we process your personal data and how these have been collected, used, shared, etc. and receive a copy of your personal data. The first copy you request is always free. However, we may charge an administrative fee for repeated and unreasonable requests for copies.
  • Object to a treatment we do. You have the right to object to your personal data being processed for legitimate interests and we must cease processing if we cannot demonstrate that there are compelling legitimate reasons for continued processing. You can contact us to get more information about the balancing of interests that has been done for the treatments that we base on our legitimate interests. You also have an unconditional right to object to direct marketing.
  • Delete your personal data. You have the right to request that data about you be deleted if the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected or otherwise processed, or if there is no legal basis for processing the data.
  • Correct incorrect information. You have the right to request that incorrect personal data about you be corrected. You also have the right to complete incomplete personal data.
  • Limitation of a treatment we do. You have the right to request that the processing of your personal data be restricted until incorrect information has been corrected or an objection from you has been handled.
  • Revoke a consent you have given us. You have the right to withdraw any consent you have given us at any time. Note, however, that this does not affect the processing carried out before the recall.
  • Move your data to another data controller. You have, in certain cases, the right to obtain the personal data that we process about you in order to fulfill our agreement with you in order to be able to transfer them to another personal data controller.
  • Submit complaints to regulatory authority. You have the right to contact and file a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority if you believe that your personal data has been handled incorrectly by us. Read more at You can also contact the supervisory authority in the country where you live or work.

If you request that we restrict or delete your personal data, it may affect or prevent certain uses of our services. You should also be aware that there may be legal regulations, but also protection for the interests of others that limit your rights. For example. legal obligations may prevent or entitle us not to disclose, delete or move parts of your data.



This policy may occasionally need to be changed or updated. The latest version of our privacy policy will always be available on our website. If any significant changes are made, you will be informed about this on our website or in another appropriate way.

Last updated: 2020-12-05