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Dimensioning and installation

Ferroamp offers training for designers and installers of solar energy and/or electric vehicle charging, and we also offer training for energy consultants, property planners and operations technicians. We adapt the content of the training for those who already have some knowledge of system solutions for energy storage, electric vehicle charging and solar cells, and also for those who are new to the field.

From making a sale
to completed installation

A training course provided by Ferroamp includes general grid-related issues, the road to increased electrification, problems and solutions for power optimisation, power deficits, phase balancing, etc. We delve into the possibilities of DC and microgrids, and present systems for different property types.

or digital

Ferroamp organises training sessions together with dealers and wholesalers. We can customise training programmes, and you can choose to enhance your skills and knowledge on a regular basis in one of the scheduled training courses that are advertised via wholesalers or in Ferroamp’s newsletters.

The Portal, Charging Boxes and Batteries



Ferroamp’s Analysis Portal
– an ECG of the property to analyse the electrical system.

Ferroamp combined with electric vehicle charger

– “standard” AC charging and future DC/DC charging.

Battery storage for Ferroamp systems
– how energy storage is designed and which batteries are compatible.


Tuesday 22 June 2021
Time: 08:00–10:00

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“Educational & easy to apply in the operation. With Ferroamp, we’ve strengthened our position in the market”

Mikael Olsson, Technician
IOS EL – part of Elkedjan

Previous events

The EnergyHub system for consultants

Mats Karlström, Business Developer at Ferroamp, explains what distinguishes Ferroamp’s technology from traditional technology, how a focus on the grid connection generates economic values and why it is so important to think systems right from the outset.

Energy storage and batteries

Listen to Ferroamp’s CTO and founder review market trends, battery terms, battery chemistry, applications and installation requirements, and what to bear in mind when purchasing batteries.

Power-smart properties

There are many different technologies that will be needed to solve the challenges facing the energy market. One important and enabling technology that Ferroamp works a lot with is DC technology that enables control and optimisation. Mats Karlström, Business Developer at Ferroamp, explains.