BRF Fruängsporten

The EnergyHub system for Tenant-owner associations

Lower operating costs
with predictability

Ferroamp’s energy technology provides lower energy and operating costs. Furthermore, the costs are predictable, giving you both full control and increased property value.

Full control
over the energy in your property

With EnergyCloud, energy consumption is more transparent and there are fewer surprises. It enables you to find out how the energy is used, not just how much. It provides an opportunity to analyse and visualise, generating base data for decisions.

Greener profile
that makes a real difference

Ferroamp’s EnergyHub system, combined with renewable, locally produced electricity, gives you an enhanced environmental profile for the future. For this reason alone, it might be one of the smartest decisions you can make.

The association’s new EnergyHub benefits everyone – and the environment

With the rapid rise of electric vehicles in society, electric power and energy have become an issue of interest for many tenant-owner associations. Will there be enough electricity? Will costs go up or down? BRF Fruängsporten installed an EnergyHub system from Ferroamp and turned the problem into a gain for everyone: the association’s members, the environment and our shared national grid.

Electricity and energy costs in apartment buildings have long been a priority issue for property owners and tenant-owner associations. In recent years, we have seen more and more headlines about the national grid having reached its capacity, and with the rise of electric vehicles, issues of energy capacity and power have moved to the top of the agenda: Will the grid’s output be sufficient when we also have to charge our electric vehicles? Will the local grids in properties be sufficient? How can you use the property’s existing capacity to avoid expensive grid charges and price increases?

For the board of the Fruängsporten tenant-owner association in one of Stockholm’s southern suburbs, environmental issues in particular have become the gateway to a totally new and profitable electricity solution for the association. The tenant-owner association invested in solar panels that produce their own electricity and the EnergyHub system. This is a completely newly-developed Swedish technology for managing both solar production and storage in a local battery, so that the energy produced is used as efficiently and energy-smartly as possible. It also had a tangibly positive impact on the electricity-related finances of the association and for the individual members.

EnergyHub automatically makes sure that some of the energy produced is stored in the battery, so that it can be supplied in the evening when members have come home. The energy produced in-house is used during the time when the apartments use the most electricity, thus reducing both the association’s grid charge and energy consumption. By controlling when the produced energy is used, it becomes more valuable, while at the same time reducing the load on the national grid.

Dick Bender is Chairman of BRF Fruängsporten and describes himself as someone who is passionate and well-read about energy matters. This helped the association to invest in a totally new kind of energy solution. Optimising energy efficiency in the property and contributing to society’s transition to renewable energy is an obvious element of the board’s undertaking, believes Dick Bender.

“We were able to make the switch to one single grid subscription for the property, individual metering of each apartment and control how we optimise, produce, utilise and sell the electricity. It’s an amazing financial benefit for the association, but also for members and the environment,” says Dick Bender.

– Our vision was that we wanted to contribute something environmentally good for society. I’d heard of Ferroamp on many occasions, and was impressed by their expertise and technical solutions. That it turned out so well for our finances is a very nice side-effect.

Dick Bender, Chairman of BRF Fruängsporten

“EnergyHub is the heart of the system that has had a significant positive effect on the electricity economy of the association and for the individual members.”

This has provided Fruängsporten with visible income and also reduced costs. Not least, they have future-proofed the building’s energy solution, as they avoid expensive costs of updating the grid connection ahead of future electric vehicle charging in the association. The installation of solar panels and Ferroamp’s energy-optimising solution was carried out by the Sunny Future dealer in Täby, who helped the board to plan the system and calculate not only a smart technical solution, but also the investment cost and return.

“We’re expecting a return on capital in the first year already. It’s clear to the board that this is a smart investment that can contribute to reduced charges and better utilisation of electric power – but also to a better environment,” explains Christer Rygaard, CEO of Sunny Future.

From signing the agreement, it was only two weeks before work began on the installation, and a couple of months later, everything was installed and operational. The company uses solar panels from SunPower that provide the most energy per unit of area and have a 25-year guarantee, and all installations at BRF have so far been built around the optimised EnergyHub solution.

“Many people see this investment as adding value to the property, and we’ve taken care to make sure that the installation is both financially and environmentally sound, as well as being aesthetically pleasing,” says Christer Rygaard.

Ferroamp is listed on First North and the only company in the market with a technical solution for balancing and optimising the energy output in properties. Mats Karlström, who is responsible for business development at Ferroamp, sees great opportunities in improving sustainability and economy for both society and property owners.

“Our solution means that we are maximising the benefit of the investment in solar cells by reducing both electricity purchases and power consumption. Investing in technology that controls power consumption creates scope for increased electric vehicle charging. The properties can be self-sufficient to a greater extent. But if the transition to more sustainable electricity in society is to be truly successful, some political issues must be resolved.

“There’s currently investment support for solar cells, but the instruments for combining solar cells with power control and local storage in smart batteries, such as at BRF Fruängsporten, are not as clear. Politicians need to make it easier for others to follow their example. Being power-smart is sustainable too,” says Mats Karlström.

At BRF Fruängsporten, they have already taken the first steps to creating their own cycle for sustainable and economic energy. It was a profitable step for all.