Nyheter Björn Jernström är invald på THINGS Wall of Fame


THINGS utnämner årligen exceptionella individer som verkligen gjort skillnad till sin Wall of Fame. Ferroamps grundare och CTO Björn Jernström är nr 7 i raden och har utnämnts med motiveringen:

“The massive electrification trend brings many challenges. Björn Jernström founded Ferroamp in 2010 based on a now patented innovation for an advanced energy and power optimization solution, adressing challenges related to this energy transformation.
Ferroamp has received numerous international awards such as 2018 Global Cleantech 100, and was listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market in 2019. Dubbed as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe by Financial Times, with a current turnover of 77 MSEK and a 1 BSEK market cap, Ferroamp makes their – and our – future look brighter.”

Följande personer har tidigare fått utmärkelsen:

2015: Martin Gren, Axis
2016: John Elvesjö, Tobii
2017: Nicolas Hassbjer, HMS
2018: Stina Ehrensvärd, Youbico
2019: Sven Lindström, Midsummer
2020: Thomas Öström, Climeon

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