Nyheter Ferroamp vinner The Smarter E Award på Intersolar 2018 i Munchen



Swedish tech company Ferroamp was given “The Smarter E award” at Intersolar 2018 in Munich onJune 20th 2018.

Ferroamp got the EES award at Intersolar 2016 for the EnergyHub system that combines the benefit from PV production, storage and EV charging in a local DC nanogrid. This time it was the PowerShare technology that was high-lighted.

PowerShare takes the EnergyHub system to the next level by connecting several buildings with in a local microgrid. This allows for sharing all these resources between multiple buildings. The obvious advantage is that more PV power can be used within the connected buildings by utilizing each buildings load profile. Buildings not suitable for PV panels can be connected and share this valuable energy. A shared energy storage system helps increasing the self-consumption of PV energy but even more importantly, be used for power peak control when more EVs need to be charged from the facility grid. The investment becomes more cost effective when PV panels and batteries can be shared and local renewable energy production can be used locally.

The Smarter E award is the most prestigious acknowledgement for technical excellence business potential as the whole industry’s tech companies, young as well as established, strive to become the energy game changers. Read about the award here: The Smarter E Award.

Jury description:

Created from bottom up rather than top down, PowerShare technology is a modular system based on a local 760 V DC nanogrid that feeds energy from one or more common PV installations to multiple users. PowerShare Technology allows flexible integration of PV systems, energy storage, small scale wind and electric vehicle charging. A local bidirectional inverter at each user controls the flow of energy between the DC nanogrid and the user. The technology can also be used to share centralized energy storage among multiple users. The system brings a significant increase in PV self-consumption at a much lower cost than batteries. Further, load peaks at one user can be distributed among other users to reduce peak load drawn from the public AC grid.

”We are honored to receive this award and especially that the system focus is high-lighted. The fact that integrated renewable energy production is combined with energy storage for power peak control opens up for more cost- effective solutions for our customers and partners. Local energy production and power capacity control adds extra value for our customers and reduce the stress on the grid”, says Björn Jernström, founder and CTO at Ferroamp.

Ferroamp Elektronik AB is a Swedish company that develops and manufacture the EnergyHub system. Smart power electronics and a local DC grid makes it possible for the installer to adopt the system to every buildings unique requirement.

Read more about the Smarter E Award winners here: The smarter E Award


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