Support for installers

Keep in mind when you install the Ferroamp-system

Be careful how you connect the AC plug that connects the EnergyHub Wall to the AC grid so that phases and neutrals are in the right place. Note that EnergyHub can be supplied with two different types of connectors where the phase order differs.
If CT clamps are used, CT adapter cable should be used. It should not be used if you are using Rogowski slings.
The correct placement is:
– On the phase conductors after  the grid owner´s energy meter.
– Before any consumers and production facility in the property.
EnergyHub shall be connected to the customer’s router or, if necessary, to a WiFi amplifier or external mobile broadband router. Do not connect the EnergyHub directly to the CPE/fiber converter (the service distributor that is available in houses with a fiber connection).

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