Solar String Optimizer SSO

Solar panels are connected to the Ferroamp-system through our award-winning Solar String Optimizer (SSO). The Solar String Optimizer offers a new flexible way to plan, install, use, and maintain solar panel installations. 

Each Solar String Optimizer has a built-in MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) that regulate voltage and current to deliver as much power as possible. Since the MPPT connections are separated from the inverter it is easy to add more solar panels when needed. Instead of bying a new inverter you can simply add more Solar String Optimizers.

Fördelar med Ferroamp Solar String Optimizer


Optimization and monitoring of solar cells at string level.


Maximum efficiency of 99.5%.


Integrated safety shutdown.


Fast installation with fewer and thinner cables. Saves installation and material costs.

SSO Single 8kW

Solar String Optimizer

Solar String Optimizer (SSO)

Solar cell input

SSO Single

Maximum input power

8 000 W

Number of MPP inputs


MPPT working range

100 – 720 V

Number of strings


DC network output

Nominal DC voltage with EnergyHub

760 V

EnergyHub DC voltage range

760 V

Maximum efficiency

760 V


Dimensions H x W x D (incl. connectors)

360 x 250 x 150 mm


7.0 kg


Anodized, natural

Technical Specifications

Documentation - Solar String Optimizer

Installation & User guides

File name

File type

SSO 8kW Single Manual SWE+ENG


Commissioning guide SWE+ENG


Data sheet

File name

File type

SSO 6kW Datasheet ENG


SSO 8kW Single Datasheet EN



File name

File type

Declaration of Conformity SSO 6kW


Declaration of Conformity SSO Single 8kW


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A solar panel consists of a number of series-connected solar cells. When the sun shines on a solar panel, energy from the sunlight is absorbed by the solar cells in the panel. This energy creates electrical charges that move towards the electric field formed by the difference in charge between the front and back of the cell. This generates an electric current that flows through the conductors on the back of the panel.

A solar string or solar panel string is a number of solar panels connected in series. Solar panels are almost always connected in series to reach a higher voltage, which in turn reduces cable losses.

The Solar String Optimizer (SSO) is the component in the Ferroamp system that manages and integrates solar panels and solar power production. 

  • The SSO is a DC/DC converter that converts the voltage from the panels to 760 V, which is the voltage of Ferroamp’s DC grid. 
  • The SSO has an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) that optimizes solar production from the solar string connected to the SSO. It does this by continuously adjusting the current and voltage through the panels up and down to find the optimal level based on solar radiation. 
  • The SSO continuously communicates with the EnergyHub when the system is in operation. It constantly measures how much is being produced and sends this to the EnergyHub, which uploads the data to EnergyCloud.

No. The SSO is not an inverter but a solar string optimizer and a DC/DC converter. The SSO must be combined with an EnergyHub to replace your inverter.