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Phase balancing, also known as ACE (Adaptive Current Equalization), means that EnergyHub moves power between the three incoming phases in the property so that the consumed power in the property is evenly distributed between the phases. In this way, it counteracts phase imbalances that occur when one of the phases is under higher load as a result of many electrical components being installed on the same phase.

The EnergyHub system has open APIs and a number of integration options. Among other things, it is possible to control a number of charging boxes through the OCPP 1.6-J communication protocol, as well as the possibility of integrating with other control and visualisation systems.
There are different types of services that network owners purchase to keep the network in balance.
On the one hand, there are local flexibility markets, and on the other hand, there are a number of balancing services to maintain the frequency in the national grid.
The latter are procured by Svenska kraftnät by electricity producers and major electricity consumers who, in return for payment, can increase or decrease their production and consumption, respectively.
Now the market is also being opened up to smaller players such as housing associations and homeowners who can participate in the market by pooling their resources for electricity production and storage by so-called aggregators.
The aggregator can then step in and control the resources and, for example, start charging batteries when there is a surplus of production in the electricity grid or, on the contrary, discharge them if there is a deficit.
The service that currently pays the most is called FCR-D and is about allowing resources to be available if there is a sudden disruption in the network.
PowerShare is Ferroamp’s patented technology for sharing electricity between properties. It is a way to expand the DC grid that connects solar panels and batteries so that several EnergyHub devices are also connected together.
This can be done between buildings, which means that the solar power production and storage capacity of the batteries can be used jointly. This results in a larger, controllable system where resources can be used more efficiently, self-consumption of produced solar electricity increases and the load on the surrounding electricity grid decreases.

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