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All AC chargers work together with the Ferroamp system. For full integration where electric car charging can be controlled from EnergyCloud, the wallbox must be compatible with the OCPP 1.6-J communication protocol.

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The EnergyHub Wall should be placed in a well-ventilated indoor area where the temperature is between 0-45° C. Avoid moisture and direct sunlight.
When the EnergyHub is running at high power, a fan starts, so in order not to be disturbed by the noise, it may be advisable to place the EnergyHub in the basement, attic, garage or storage room.

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The warranty for EnergyHub is valid for a period of five (5) years, starting from the date the product is put into use, or, if this has not been done, one (1) year from the time the product has been delivered from Ferroamp.
The battery can be controlled as needed and used in many different ways in the Ferroamp system:
– Increase self-consumption of solar power by charging when the sun is shining and using it when it goes down.
– Charge from the grid when electricity is cheap at night and use when it is expensive in the morning and evening.
– Use the battery to cut your own power peaks. Complements phase balancing to protect fuses and can also be profitable if the property has power tariffs.
– Ferroamp is now also developing the opportunity to participate in the market for ancillary services to Svenska kraftnät. The battery owner can then sell capacity to help balance the electricity grid. 

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