EnergyCloud - the web portal

The Ferroamp system is monitored and controlled via the cloud-based web portal EnergyCloud. Here, data is collected on electricity use and electricity production in the property that provides both an overview and the opportunity for deeper insights.

You can follow electricity flows between solar panels, batteries, electric car charging and the electricity grid in real time. You also get access to detailed historical data, which makes it possible to analyze what happens in the electricity system over time. It provides an overview of disruptions in production and power-intensive processes in the property. The high-quality data provides a basis for making decisions about energy saving measures or new investments in the electricity system. To help you plan ahead, there is also a simulation tool that shows the effect of, for example, installing a battery in your specific system based on historical data.

Set up the system according to your needs

It is in EnergyCloud that you make settings in the system. At what levels should the system start phase balancing? How should the charging of the battery or electric car be controlled? Should power peaks be avoided or should charging and discharging the battery be adapted to fluctuations in the electricity price?  In EnergyCloud, you can customize and modify the system according to your own needs and schedule the settings.

Alarm function

EnergyCloud also sends out alarms via email if something in the system does not work as it should. It allows you to act quickly and minimize the impact of disruptions in the system.

Öppna API:er

The Ferroamp system has open APIs and can be integrated with other systems. Among other things, the control of certain charging boxes can take place in EnergyCloud if they are integrated via the communication protocol OCPP 1.6-J. Open APIs also allow the Ferroamp system to be integrated with other control and visualisation systems. 

Automatic updates

The Ferroamp system you buy today is not the same as you have tomorrow. The software is continuously updated so that you get access to new practical functions in EnergyCloud. In this way, the system can be adapted to new technical conditions and new conditions in the electricity market. 

For whom?

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