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Solar power in the Ferroamp system

When you have made the decision to produce your own solar power, you should also think about where the power goes and how it is used in the property. Instead of choosing a traditional inverter that only converts DC from the solar cells into AC, the Ferroamp system provides the opportunity to take advantage of and control the use of the energy so that you as a property owner get the maximum benefit from your investment.

Easy to expand

The heart of the Ferroamp system is EnergyHub, which functions as an efficient inverter for solar power production. It is available in different sizes and can be adapted to everything from single-family homes to multi-family houses or industries. Because the inputs to the solar panels are in separate solar string optimizers, it is also easy to add more strings of solar panels over time without having to buy a new inverter unit. For larger systems, there are also dedicated rack cabinets where several EnergyHub modules can easily be added as the need for larger inverter power increases.

Much more than an inverter

However, the great point of EnergyHub and the Ferroamp system is that it does so much more than act as an inverter. Through its hybrid function, it also works as a converter for batteries so that they can be charged from both solar cells and from the electricity grid. In addition, it can control the use of electricity so that it is used as much as possible within the property, something that becomes profitable because you usually get paid less for the electricity you sell to the grid than you pay for the electricity you buy.

Enables more solar power in the grid

The ability to control production and consumption in real estate will also become increasingly important for the entire electricity system. Since space in the grid is limited, there is a limit to how much electricity can be consumed or produced in an area at any given time.

In the same way that a large electricity consumer today can be prevented from connecting to the electricity grid because there is no space, electricity network owners can say no to solar power installations. If the total installed peak power exceeds the capacity of the local grid, there will simply not be room for more solar cells in the area.

The peak power is only achieved a few days a year and with the Ferroamp system’s ability to control charging of electric cars or batteries for energy storage or alternatively control production, it will thus be possible to integrate more solar electricity into the grid.

A DC grid for the future

Although at present it is mainly batteries that can be connected directly to the DC grid, in the future there will be opportunities to add charging of electric cars as well as LED lights, computers refrigerators and other DC-powered components that are currently equipped with their own transformers where the alternating current in the electricity grid is converted before it is used. In addition to reduced conversion losses, it will further improve the possibilities to control electricity use in the property.

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