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Smart Integrated
Energy storage

Energy storage should be much more than just a battery. The investment in a solar power is a long-term investment and the energy storage should be used not just to maximize the self utilization of your generated energy, it should be used to reduce your over all energy costs. Let us introduce the Energy storage solution from ferroamp, fully integrated into the EnergyHub system architecture and the DC-nano grid topology.



It can be filled with proprietary energy from PV on your roof or from the grid via the EnergyHub’s bidirectional inverter. Instead of only using the stored energy from the PV after sunset, EnergyHub can be programmed to use the stored energy when it is most advantageous depending on the facilities energy needs. This makes it a smart integrated energy storage designed for the future. The EnergyHub storage topology allows for dynamic scaling of energy and power capacity. Combine batteries with different age, chemistry and size, in the same system.
Thinking a step further …
Maximizes the utilization of self-generated energy
Two-way inverter
Charging from the grid when its favorable – otherwise from PV
Continous analysis
With integration into EnergyCloud it gives you an overview of your battery state and health
Control of parameters
Control how and when to use the energy storage

Energy storage with our partners

Ferroamp collaborates with partners to provide energy storage tailored to your needs. Below you can see which battery partners are currently compatibly and integrated with the Energyhub system. Energy storage is available from 5,75kWh and upwards.

Power Storage Module

The power storage Module with storage capacity up to 15 kWh and power rating up to 12 kW connects directly to your EnergyHub system DC nanogrid.

Energy storage with NILAR

Nilar develops and manufactures powerful and advanced NiMH battery storage solutions

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