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EnergyHub Changing the way energy
is used and produced

EnergyHub converts and optimizes

The brain of the EnergyHub System is the EnergyHub, an intelligent hub that communicates with all components, gathers relevant information and then optimizes the energy flow between solar panels, energy storage, the electricity grid and consumers in the most economic way – using advanced algorithms.


One system
One inverter for PV, energy storage and electric vehicle charging
Two-way conversion
A bridge between the AC-grid and the DC-grid
ACE technology
Ferroamps unique ACE technology for current equalizing between the phases
High resolution measurement for dynamic system control
Cloudbased analysis and visualization
Scalable and flexible

Scalable and modular
7 – 1000 kW

The EnergyHub comes in two versions. The smaller portable EnergyHub Wall, available up to 14kW. And the larger EnergyHub XL, scalable up to 168kW in one system. Click below to learn more.

With the EnergyHub, your property is prepared for the future of energy

The self-regulating DC nanogrid, connects all units so that power can be transferred between the units efficiently. EnergyHub connects the DC power grid with the electricity grid and controls the conversion to and from AC power as needed, using high-resolution measurement


EnergyHub Wall

Installation manual

EnergyHub XL

Installation manual

Electricity. Reinvented.

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