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Phase balancing in the Ferroamp system

In most properties, there are imbalances in how the three different phases in the electrical system are used. If several loads are on the same phase, it can become overloaded, causing the main fuse to trip. Ferroamp’s patented phase balancing technology evens the load across the three phases, making the property’s electrical system more efficient. With phase balancing, more space is created in the electrical system, which can be used in various ways.

Benefits of Phase Balancing

1. More efficient EV charging

EV charging requires free space in all phases to start. A long and high load can also disturb the electricity usage in the rest of the property. Phase balancing makes it possible to charge without disturbance and without having to increase the main fuse or reinforce the connection to the power grid.

2. Lower grid fee

The fee to the grid company is usually based on the size of the property’s main fuse. If you do not need to add more loads, you can choose to lower the main fuse and thus the fee. How much the level can be reduced and how much savings can be made varies between different properties and different grids. In a larger property, it can be about going from 160A to 125A or 80A to 63A. 

3. More profitable solar power

Tax reduction on solar power only applies to properties with a main fuse of a maximum of 100A. If you currently have a connection above that and have the opportunity to lower it with phase balancing, it could mean a tax reduction of up to SEK 18,000 annually. Read more about tax reduction on solar energy at the Swedish Tax Agency.

4. Reduced installation cost

For larger properties, raising the fuse and strengthening the connection to the power grid can be expensive. New service cables may need to be installed and sometimes buried. Phase balancing is then an inexpensive and resource-efficient alternative. 

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