The system that
changes everything

A new way of thinking

The distribution networks in most buildings, like the rest of the electricity grid, are AC-based. This is despite the fact that most of the electricity used in the building is actually DC in its end use. Ferroamp’s DC grid minimises conversion losses, which is just one of many benefits.

The electrification of society is already under way at a rapid pace, increasing the load on the grids, and resulting in a shortage of power. We are facing a systemic shift, in which the EnergyHub system is an enabler in the energy transition.

Ferroamp’s EnergyHub system introduces a new, future-proof way to integrate solar power, energy storage and DC loads into one system with intelligent control and real-time monitoring. A scalable, flexible system that can be easily expanded, regardless of supplier or technology, which is both simpler and safer than traditional solar cell installations.

EnergyHub, the conductor of the system, connects solar string optimisers, DC loads and energy storage via a local DC grid. The transition between electricity grid and DC grid takes place in the EnergyHub in one place, which means that energy can be transmitted efficiently and with minimal losses compared with traditional systems.

The system can be easily adapted to all power needs, from private houses to large commercial properties. The EnergyHub system has high flexibility and is easy to augment if you want to expand with more solar panels, increased storage capacity or, in the near future, add a DC charger for electric vehicles.

System components

A philosophy as simple as it is ingenious. One central node, EnergyHub, links up solar cells, electric vehicle charging and energy storage with the other electricity consumers in the property. This is done primarily with direct current (DC) which, in contrast to alternating current (AC), means that energy is transmitted more efficiently and with very small losses.

Phase balancing

Ferroamp’s patented phase balancing technology, ACE – Adaptive Current Equalisation, enables more efficient utilisation of a property’s grid connection. EnergyHub transfers energy between phase transmission lines to increase the space between the capacity of the main fuse and loads in the building. This extra capacity can either be used to reduce the size of your main fuse or to increase the electrical load, for example, by installing more efficient and faster chargers for electric vehicles.


PowerShare makes it possible to share energy and power resources between several properties via a local DC grid. Sharing the “best sunroofs” allows you to increase your own use of energy produced, distribute the benefits of an energy storage solution between several buildings and gain control over power consumption in the connected buildings.

Components of the EnergyHub system

The conductor of the system

EnergyHub is the inverter that regulates the flow between solar panels, energy storage and grid, while at the same time measuring the property’s electricity consumption. EnergyHub automatically phase-balances the property so you can switch to a smaller main fuse, resulting in a lower grid charge.

Solar String Optimiser
Put simply: more sun

The Solar String Optimiser is used to connect solar cells to the EnergyHub system. Our solar string optimisers (SSO) are market leaders in performance in terms of efficiency, flexibility and safety.

Energy storage
Transfer energy in time

The energy stored in batteries can be used at times when the electricity price is higher and when there is a lack of capacity in the grid. Buy electricity from the grid when it’s cheaper, store in your own batteries to use at peaks, and save yourself money.

Metering at a new level

Readings of energy production and consumption with precision to the second combined with connection to Ferroamp’s unique cloud solution, EnergyCloud, enables a new level of energy services and measures for improving energy efficiency.