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Solar String Optimizer
The new smarter way to build PV systems

The solar string optimizer from ferroamp enables a new, more flexible way of planning, installing and maintaining PV systems. Each optimizer has a built-in MPP tracker as well as several security features that allow installations with any number of strings with the highest safety levels. This allows for an expansion of the system gradually as the need increases. The optimizer is designed to work with the DC nanogrid architecture to enable the direct use of solar energy or to store it on the DC side for optimal flexibility with the least possible losses.

Increased flexibility & increased security in the same systemBenefits

The SSO deliver a fixed 760V output to the DC nanogrid for high voltage and low loss energy transmission to either the energy storage or EnergyHub inverter. The EnergyHub DC nanogrid simplifies the installation of multiple strings, each one with an SSO as the output voltage from each SSO is fixed. The SSO comes in two versions, 7 kW and 14 kW, and support up to 9,5A.
Quick installation with less wiring
Installation is easy by connecting the SSO units to the DC link with two wires. A high DC link voltage enables thin wires and much easier cable management. The DC link also means fewer cables go from the panels to the inverter.
Increased safety
SSO is equipped with power electronics that enable remote control. This means that the DC/DC converter can be shutdown if the EnergyHub sends a command. The SSO has continuous communication with EnergyHub, which means that the SSO is switched off if EnergyHub does not send the desired response signal in the event of a fire or power failure.
Increased flexibilty
Adding strings to an existing installation is easy as the voltage from each SSO is identical and the new string is connected to the DC link instead of a separate cabling to the inverter.
High efficiency
The SSO can handle voltages up to 990 V DC and has an efficiency of over 99%. A high DC link voltage enables thin wires and much easier cable management. The DC link also means that fewer cables go from the panels to the inverter.

Combine solar panels from different manufacturers

With multiple SSOs, solar panels of different makes and types can be combined in the same system. Panels can easily be installed on different roof surfaces or buildings and connected to the common DC nanogrid. Installation is simple and efficient.

The self-regulating DC nanogrid, connects all units so that energy can be transferred efficiently. EnergyHub connects the DC grid with the electricity grid and controls the conversion to and from the facility AC grid as needed, using high-resolution measurement.


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