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Economically & ecologically smarter

Installing solar panels in a smart system, integrated with energy storage and electric vehicle charging is a smart choice, not least for the planet. At the same time, it raises a lot of questions – How does it work, what does it really cost and how do I proceed? We answer this and much more below.

An increased load generates increased costs

Vehicles that use fossil fuels are now being replaced at a rapid pace by more and more electric vehicles. This is good for the climate, but it also has an impact on the Swedish national grid. Partly in the form of overloading that occurs during certain times of the day and certain periods during the year, when a lot of users consume a great deal of electricity at the same time. Most of us actually have a fairly similar circadian rhythm. On these occasions, power peaks arise, as a lot of people are wanting to obtain a high level of power from the grid at the same time. The result is that the electricity price is at its highest just when you need electricity. These are costs that can be avoided by using stored, self-produced electricity.

You pay more for the grid than for the power

It isn’t just electricity consumption that incurs costs in your electricity bill. It also includes Grid Charges, a cost that is steadily increasing. Grid charges are used to pay for maintenance and expansion of the grid. By producing and controlling your own energy and rationalising grid resources, you as a homeowner, with the aid of EnergyHub, take control of these costs.

Do you really need to upgrade the main fuse?

If you are used to the fuse tripping when you switch on the vacuum cleaner while the dishwasher is running, you can probably imagine what will happen if one or two electric cars are also charging at the same time. Traditionally, an increase in energy consumption will require a larger main fuse. But replacing service cables or upgrading them is usually an expensive exercise. Ferroamp’s EnergyHub system offers an alternative in the form of Phase Balancing. EnergyHub transfers energy between phase transmission lines to increase the space between the capacity of the main fuse and loads in the building. This extra capacity can either be used to reduce the size of your main fuse or to increase the electrical load, for example, by installing more efficient and faster chargers for electric vehicles.

Thomas in Slite decided to install Ferroamp’s EnergyHub system

You do not have to pay the full cost yourself.

Reducing the load on the Swedish national grid is a priority issue, which is why both the Green Deduction and Solar Cell Support are available. The Green Deduction means that you receive a subsidy for 50% of the costs of labour and materials. It is, however, expected that these subsidies will gradually be reduced and eventually phased out, so it is important to check what the situation is right now. You will find what you need in our guide below.

What have other users done?

There are many benefits in creating your local grid, and they will only become more important in the future. At the same time, it can of course be nice to see what others who have made the same journey have to say. Thomas, in the town of Slite on Gotland, is one of those who have secured their energy consumption for the future, for the sake of the economy, the planet and security.

Green Deduction means lower prices

The best argument for investing in batteries & solar cells right now is the green deduction of up to 50% on costs of labour and materials that you can claim at the moment. This support will be reduced gradually.

Solar cells and charging boxes for homeowners

Solar cells are an important step along the road to a more energy-efficient future. To make sure that you get the most out of your investment, the solar electricity that is generated should also be stored properly.

Welcome to Thomas’s home

If it is difficult to decide, it can be nice to see what other people have done. Since installing solar cells, Thomas has made significant savings on his electricity bill and can now monitor his consumption in real time.