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Ferroamp PowerShare

To utilize solar energy as efficiently as possible within a tenant owner association or a building complex, you can connect Ferroamp systems in different buildings into a PowerShare. This way, everyone in the association can access the self-produced electricity regardless of which building the solar panels are installed on. Particularly, energy-intensive facilities such as a laundry room, air conditioning, or electric vehicle charging in the garage can be supplied with solar power from multiple rooftops.  

Since you avoid going through the public power grid, you also avoid transmission costs and the price difference between the electricity you buy and the electricity you sell.  Through greater self consumption the economy of the solar panels is improved.

The DC network provides unique opportunities to control electricity usage and expand as needed. For example, if required, it is possible to supplement with energy storage in batteries. By sharing electricity in a microgrid between buildings, the load on the surrounding power grid is also reduced, allowing more people in the same area to connect their own solar power production.  

The award-winning technology makes it profitable for more tenant owner associations and property owners to invest in solar power.

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