Phase balancing

More efficient use of
the property’s grid connection.

Reduce your costs
Avoid expensive installations

Phase balancing avoids any expensive augmentation of supply cables. The fuse tariff is minimised, as individual single-phase loads can be evened out between the phases. This means that the need for a main fuse level can be reduced.

Maximises utilisation
Increase the speed of the flow

Phase balancing evens out the loads on the main fuse, which maximises utilisation. For example, electric vehicle charging on an existing main fuse is faster, as the capacity of the three phases is used jointly.

Patented phase balancing

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Ferroamp’s patented phase balancing technology is a function unique to our system, facilitating the more efficient use of a property’s grid connection. The focus is on protecting and maximising the use of the main fuse, thereby reducing the grid charge. The property’s imbalance between the phases is also evened out if the grid is weak.

EnergyHub transfers energy between phase transmission lines to increase the space between the capacity of the main fuse and loads in the property. This extra capacity can either be used to reduce the size of the main fuse or to increase the electrical load, for example, by installing more efficient and faster chargers for electric vehicles.

For commercial properties, it might be a matter of, for example, reducing the main fuse from 80A to 63 or 50A, achieving a significant financial gain. Phase balancing is a better, more affordable alternative to replacing service cables or upgrading the fuse in the property.

With the EnergyHub system, JM can achieve significant upfront savings in construction costs, but also increase the property’s value thanks to lower operating costs.

Sven-Ove Axelsson
Sales Manager, EC Nordic

Simple installation. Reduced costs.

EnergyHub does not need any information about the loads in the installation, so it is completely transparent for existing loads. As a result, installation is very simple as the existing installation does not need to be modified. EnergyHub is simply installed as a new three-phase, and thus facilitate device.

In the case of a fuse tariff, the grid charge is based on the size of the main fuse, which is what limits the power that can be drawn from each phase conductor. With the aid of phase balancing, the load on the main fuse is reduced, which means the cost can be reduced. Alternatively, the load can increase and, for example, provide more power to one phase, and thus facilitate faster electric vehicle charging.